CG Animation Supervisor

As his title suggests, the CG animation supervisor is the keystone of the animation team: in direct relation with the director, he has a very clear idea of his expectations, which he transmits to his team of animators, in pre-production. He also ensures the liaison with the other studios that will eventually work on the same project, in order to guarantee the coherence of the animation.

Parole de pro

Les qualités de l’ESMA, c’est les qualités d’une école de très haut niveau. Qu’un court-métrage de l’ESMA soit retenu pour les Oscars, c’est amplement mérité !

Kristof Serrand,
Directeur Artistique, Dreamworks

Parole de pro

Les étudiants de l’ESMA font partie des profils qui nous intéressent. C’est une école qui a  sa place depuis une dizaine d’années parmi les meilleures écoles françaises.

Sébastien Chort
CG Supervisor, Blur

Kristof SERRAND - Directeur artistique Dreamworks
Sébastien Chort CG Supervisor, Blur


At ESMA, CG Animation students aspire to join the film industry in positions of responsibility, as CG animation supervisors for instance.

In order to set things straight and define the missions of the CG animation supervisor, it is relevant to use the definition of the trade, according to the french national system of certifications (RNCP) : « On the scenario basis and in collaboration with the production, the CG animation supervisor artistically and technically guides and supervises the creation of an audiovisual work. He leads all the activities involved in the realization of the project (design, pre-production, production, post-production, artistic, logistical and technical aspects), in order to guarantee the perfect execution of the production and the delivery of the work (respect of artistic criteria, deadlines and budgets).

He manages all the production stages of CG animation and approves the production choices in terms of recruitment of creative team members, and work pipeline. »


Attentive to his team of animators, whom he sees very regularly in order to better direct them, he is very organized, and must meet the requirements of quality and deadlines. It is the various experiences he has acquired, and the quality of his work, that will enable him to gradually be entrusted with increasingly significant projects. This job requires a strong commitment.

According to Kristof Serrand, CG animation supervisor on the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”, two skills are essential in this position: the ability to step into the characters’ shoes, in order to make them act and react in the best way possible, and a very strong team spirit. With these qualities, the CG animation supervisor will be able to optimally supervise his teams, for a perfect result!


The CG animator supervisor’s position is not quite the same depending on the size of the studio in which he works : he may have to manage a dozen animators, or be called upon to manage a team of a hundred persons. When conditions are favorable, he can also have to animate characters or shots himself.

As in many CG professions, the CG animation supervisor usually works as a freelancer or as an intermittent.

The CG animation supervisor may aspire to hold the positions of artistic director, CG director, production designer, production designer, special effects supervisor.