Student for a Day

At ESMA, you can spend a day in the classroom. This immersion allows you to interact with students and instructors and get a better idea of the program and the opportunities.

With our Student-for-a-Day program, you can “walk in an ESMA student’s shoes” for a day.

Student-for-a-Day at ESMA Montreal means understanding the pace of our work. It also encourages discussions with on-site students with common interests. The 1-day student may feel comfortable asking questions to the students he will rub shoulders with throughout the day, during the various attended sessions.

The 1-day student can easily interact with the trainers, namely on the teaching methods or on other questions about the school and student life, for example.

Want to become a Student-for-a-Day at ESMA Montreal? Contact us to reserve your seat – by phone at 514.388.5725, or by email at

You can register anytime during the year. We look forward to seeing you in class!

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