Student services

Educational help services: Providing one-on-one follow-up sessions

ESMA Montreal places great importance in human relations within the institution. Follow-up sessions offer individualized and direct contact with educational management, allowing us to efficiently address the needs of our students.

Financial aid services: Guiding students every step of the way

ESMA supports its students through every step of the financial assistance procedures. Competent advisors, trained by the Department of Student Financial Assistance of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, are responsible for monitoring financial assistance applications. They are fully qualified to advise and guide you in your requests for funding.

Technical and IT support services: Providing the best tools

Our laboratories are outfitted with state-of-the-art computer equipment and regularly updated software. Our IT department also helps students, providing them with technical advice and solutions.

Placement support services: Building on our rich network of contacts

Students and employers can come in contact via our free job placement service. Over the years, ESMA has developed an international network of industry professionals who regularly meet students at conferences. These animation professionals are there to hire our new graduates.