Starting in the fall of 2019, ESMA Montreal offers “3D Animation & Visual Effects”, a program fully aligned with the Quebec job market. The school trains future professionals sought-after by numerous studios in video games, animation, cinema, television, special effects, advertising, etc.

The “3D Animation & Visual Effects” program combines 2 training requirements: adaptability and specialization.

Totalling 1830 hours, the “3D Animation & Visual Effects” program is recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education (AEC NTL.1L). This Certificate of Collegial Studies includes 6 sessions that can be taken over 3 years (fall + winter sessions) or over 2 years (continuous fall, winter + summer sessions).

Both artistic and technical, this training provides a perfect mastery of 3D software, opening up broad employment opportunities in various areas of the creative industry.

l'ESMA s'implante à l'EXCENTRIS - Montréal
100 %
Professional Integration Rate one year after graduation