3D modeling of a lighter !

CG News . 10 Jan. 2022
Cinéma d'animation 3D et effets visuels / Montréal

Discover the latest project of the students in their 1st session in 3D animation !

The project

It is in Pascal Guy’s class that the students in their first session of the 3D animation training were able to work on this new modelisation project !

The goal of this project was to make a 3D modeling of a disposable lighter. The students had to do an intensive research to compil references in order to understand and create their project in the most realistic way possible.

Thanks to this exercice, the two groups were able to put in practice everything they learnt during their first session.

For the composition of the final scene, the students had to show the assembled lighter as well as all its individuals pieces to produce a photo-realistic 3D rendering.

Final project

Once again, this project was a success, congratulations to all the students ! Here are some examples of lighters :