3D character modeling!

CG News . 19 Sep. 2023
Cinéma d'animation 3D et effets visuels / Montréal

Discover the 3D characters modeled by 3D animation cinema students using Zbrush software!


It was in the course of teachers Pierre Lemieux-Pelletier and Thomas Rousvoal that students in the 3rd session of 3D animation cinema and visual effects were able to carry out this project.

The objective of this exercise is the discovery and mastery of the Zbrush software. To do this, each student had to take inspiration from an already existing character* from the universe of their choice and then model it on Zbrush.

*The characters were used as references in a purely educational context and the authors are credited


Here are the final characters modeled, congratulations to both groups for this superb work!

Click on the images to view them in large screen and discover the details of the models!